Introduction to T-MARC Tanzania

T-MARC Tanzania is a local NGO that delivers innovative, evidence-based social marketing and behaviour change communication solutions. Our work helps increase positive behaviours and improves people‚Äôs lives here in Tanzania. 

See how we work with our global partners to make a difference.

Our Roots

On 1 April 2007, the Tanzania Marketing and Communications Company Limited, now known as T-MARC Tanzania, was launched as Tanzania's first independent, locally run social marketing organisation. The non-profit organisation originated from the T-MARC Project, managed by the Academy for Educational Development (AED) and funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID). Read more.

What's new

Cervical Cancer Program - A new Hope for Tanzanian Rural Women

Cervical cancer program offers new hope for rural women in Tanzania

The story of a Cervical Cancer Survivor

"After receiving treatment for cervical cancer, I can now live my life with confidence"....

Cervical Cancer Screening and Treatment Services

Cervical cancer screening and treatment services - a necessity for women's health. 

Traditional nurse empowered by Hakuna Wasichoweza Project

I have also been empowered by the Hakuna Wasichoweza project, a traditional nurse admits - read more

Mother proud of her daughter's behavior change

My daughter's behavior has changed for the better, proud mother claims after daughter joins the...

Project came at the right time

This project came at the right time, Community Development Officer says of the Hakuna Wasichoweza...