One of T-MARC Tanzania’s objectives is to continuously develop and manage a cost-effective supply chain that improves access by target populations to branded products related to T-MARC’s areas of focus: reproductive health & family planningchild survivalHIV/AIDS and Malaria.

Under TSMP, T-MARC and PSI share warehousing services and collaborate for effective distribution through the fast moving goods and pharmaceutical channels. Both organisations support open, non-exclusive relationships with a variety of Tanzania distributors and wholesalers in the fast moving goods and pharmaceutical channels. T-MARC also employs coordinators outside of Dar es Salaam who are responsible for managing customer orders and deliveries, forecasting sales, managing sales blitzes, servicing accounts and establishing positive relations with local partners.

T-MARC Tanzania’s distribution system effectively reaches wide variety of outlets across Tanzania including:

  • Private health clinics
  • Pharmacies 
  • Duka la dawa muhimu
  • Duka la dawa baridi
  • Fast moving goods channels 
  • Bars and restaurants
  • Vending machines for Dume condoms
  • Targeted hair salons 
  • Institutional sales such as mining companies and prisons
  • Community based distributors (see below)

The two key measures that T-MARC looks at when developing distribution strategies and placement goals are coverage and penetration. Coverage is the percent of a defined geographic area that meets a minimum level of distribution (e.g. at least 60 percent of the districts in a targeted region have at least five outlets that carry the product). Penetration is the number of outlets carrying the product as a percent of the total number of outlets within a defined geographic area. (e.g. 50 percent of the outlets in a targeted region carry the product). Some of the issues considered when determining a distribution strategy are whether the product is a planned or impulse purchase, consumer perceptions of availability and where the target market prefers to buy.

Community Based Distributors

In order to more ensure that the more remote areas of Tanzania have access to health products and information, T-MARC has established 72 volunteer community-based distributors, who travel locally to deliver basic family planning information, dispel misconceptions and sell health products in villages. They are linked to the clinics run by the Private Nurses and Midwife Association of Tanzania (PRINMAT), a low-cost private rural health organisation. 

The community-based distributors receive T-MARC products and are allowed to sell them for a modest profit for themselves. They have received government training so that they can legally dispense oral contraceptives (a prescription drug in Tanzania).  They have received additional training on basic sales, accounting, and financial skills, as well as on the products they sell.

PRINMAT clinics supervise the community workers, supply them with product and act as a resource for information. In return, the community workers refer patients with more serious health problems to the clinics. To learn more about PRINMAT click here