Families Matter Program

The Families Matter Program is a cooperative agreement with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The goal of the project is to reduce risky sexual behaviour among adolescents including delayed sexual debut, consequently reducing HIV infection rates and early pregnancy among school children. The Families Matter Program aims to improve parenting skills and family communication about risk reduction and other sex-related topics before adolescents begin sexual activity.

It is a community-based intervention designed to:

  • Provide necessary tools to parents to have effective communication about sexuality and sexual risk reduction with their children
  • Build strong parenting practices and create a supportive environment that increases the chances that pre-adolescents will delay sexual debut
  • Increase the knowledge and skills of pre-adolescents to effectively practice abstinence and reduce risky behaviours
  • Reduce pregnancy and HIV infections among adolescents

T-MARC Tanzania works in collaboration with CDC and the Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare on managing the project. T-MARC also works with two sub contractors in implementing the training in the three targeted regions:

  • Children and Youth Development Organization (CYODO) 
  • Wanawake Na Maendeleo (WAMA) Foundation  
  • Human Development Trust (HDT)

Project Summary

Intervention area(s): HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive health/family planning

Objectives: Reduce risky sexual behaviour, HIV prevalence, and pregnancy among adolescents

Donor: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Geographic focus: Mtwara and Ruvuma regions Target market/audience: Parents and guardians of pre-adolescent children (age nine to 12)

Activities: Develop and implement training programme for parents and guardians

Through February 28, 2014