Tanzania Social Marketing Program

In 2010, T-MARC Tanzania began a new cooperative agreement with PSI. The goal of the Tanzania Social Marketing Program (TSMP) is to improve the health status of Tanzanians by changing the behaviours of targeted high-risk groups. To support this goal, TSMP will initiate social marketing initiatives that target behaviours in:

  • Family planning
  • Child survival 
  • Malaria

The project will also seek to build capacities so as to sustain social marketing activities in Tanzania.

Under the TSMP partnership, T-MARC and PSI operate as independent organisations supported by the knowledge and expertise available through the PSI global network. One of the main objectives is that through partnership the two NGOs can achieve economies of scale in key areas and processes and thereby reduce the overall costs for the programme. In addition, by working together the two organisations can reposition their current brands so as to expand the size of the total market for condoms and oral contraceptives.

Under TSMP, T-MARC's Community-based distributor programme will be re-launched and supported with refresher training, an expanded product offering, seed product and better margins. 

Project Summary

Intervention area(s): HIV/AIDS prevention, reproductive health/family planning, child survival and malaria

Improve the health status of Tanzanians by changing the behaviours of targeted high-risk groups. Build local capacities to sustain social marketing activities over time.

Donor: United States Agency for International Development

Prime partner:
Population Services International

Geographic focus: National

Target market/audience: Most at risk populations

Social marketing of products that target most at risk populations in the above intervention areas, outreach activities and promotions

Through September 2012