The Universal HIV and AIDS Intervention for Counseling and Testing (UHAI-CT) has been designed with a component to compliment on going VCT activities in Tanzania by conducting highly targeted outreach HIV counseling and testing focusing on the most at risk populations (MARPS) and the underserved communities.  This is a USAID funded program, which is being implemented by three partners, Jhpiego an affiliate of Johns Hopkins University (as the lead partner) as well as Africare and T-MARC Tanzania.
UHAI-CT is a five-year project designed to:
• Rapidly increase Tanzanians’ access to high quality HIV counseling and testing services
• Develop care providers’ skills in delivering high quality HIV counseling and testing services
• Strengthen the links between counseling and testing, prevention, and care and treatment services
• Assist the government of Tanzania with HIV counseling and testing data collection and management
T-MARC’s role is to develop and manage outreach activities, interpersonal communications, printed educational materials, and the training of civil society organizations that work with target populations.  The trainings cover areas such as how to demonstrate the correct use of male and female condoms, how to handle stigma and discrimination, working with government counseling and testing centers and other topics that facilitate the delivery of these important services.

Project Summary

Intervention area(s): HIV/AIDS counselling and testing

Objectives:  Mobilize key populations and couples living in high risk communities to receive voluntary HIV counseling and testing services.

Donor: United States Agency for International Development (USAID)

Prime partner: JHPIEGO (Prime Partner) and Africare

Geographic focus: Tanga, Tabora, Iringa, Njombe, Dodoma, Singida, Manyara, Kilimanjaro and Mtwara
Target market/audience: Most at risk populations and other vulnerable populations

Activities: Produce behaviour change communication materials, outreach HTC activities, providing BCC support and trainings, coordinate delivery of voluntary counselling and testing services at high risk areas

Timeframe: Through September 2013